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Clinical Trial Screening, Reimagined

With a modern interface designed to directly integrate with the electronic medical record, our software platform harnesses the power of AI to deliver tangible results in real-time, when they are needed most.

Our Objective

Medontix seeks to streamline workflow and enhance clinical trial enrollment by giving research coordinators and investigators convenient access to a wide range of tools and resources at home and at the bedside.


The Medontix dashboard has thoughtfully been designed to prioritize ease-of-use, allowing users to quickly find what they need when they need it.


We draw upon the latest advances in artificial intelligence to power our natural language processing and computer vision algorithms. Learn more.


Our software platform is agnostic to EMR vendor, expanding our customer reach and avoiding the need for lengthy and costly hospital installs.

Enhance Study Workflow

Designed by a physician-led team, we first identified what clinical research processes needed to be optimized based upon our own clinical experiences, and then built the tools accordingly.

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Increase Trial Enrollments

Our platform can be customized to meet the needs of your clinical research team by completely integrating into your EMR, offering a comprehensive solution for trial screening and enrollment.

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Engage With e-Consent

Regardless of the time or place of enrollment, you'll always have digital access to your research consent forms, which can be reviewed and completed by patients either on-site or remotely.

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Modernize Patient Screening

Empower your research team with our trusted platform.


We have taken extensive measures to protect patient and user data by developing software infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant.


The AI algorithms that we deploy, and the servers that power them, are able to adjust for changes in clinical volume. If your institution experiences a surge in new cases, we'll accomodate.


With our secure cloud platform, we'll be able to provide a solution which meets your research department's unique requirements.


Unlike most clinical research platforms, ours enables you to assess patient data in real-time so that, regardless of the study enrollment time window, no patient is missed.


We understand that your research coordinators and providers are always on the move. That's why we offer users the option to access our software via either a web app or mobile device.


Our dashboard allows users to customize how information is presented, down to the most granular details, in order to maximize user productivity and satisfaction.

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